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Digital Wallets

Nowadays digital wallets are widely accepted payment instruments nowadays. The CoreCard system has been built with capabilities to accept and process the transactions initiated by digital wallets. Digital wallets are offered by wallet service providers such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay & Apple Pay.

When a card is registered with any digital wallet, it initiates a token request to the token manager of the affiliated card network (i.e., MDES for Mastercard, VTS for VISA) to obtain a digital token against the card PAN. The card network then verifies whether or not the card number is within the allowed account ranges for tokenization to the digital wallet in context. Additionally, the card network asks CoreCard to verify that the card account is in good standing and can be provisioned and used to perform transactions. Once the CoreCard system grants approval, the token manager allocates a digital token against the card PAN and the token details are shared with the CoreCard system. Tokens can be allocated in the active state, or they may require other activation methods as per issuer terms and agreements with the affiliated card network. The process of getting a digital token is also called digitalization. 

Once a digital token is allocated to the card PAN, CoreCard stores the information related to the digital token. This information can be retrieved and the token status modified at the cardholder's request or due to card PAN replacement or reissue.