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New Cards

When an issuer uses the CoreCard system for creating and activating an account, the customer’s information is linked to the account. You can use the CoreCard system to generate a new card number and issue the same to the customer. The Card number is unique and will only be linked to a specific account number. If a customer completes monetary transactions using the card issued against an account, those transactions are recorded under the account and card. You can use CoreCard APIs to generate the cards in virtual as well as in physical form.

There are mainly three types of cards that can be issued using the CoreCard system:

  1. Primary Card: This card is issued to the main or primary account holder and can be a physical or virtual card. You can have the primary card generated on an account while creating the same (refer AccountCreation API).
  2. Secondary Card: The Secondary Card is generally issued to the additional account holder on the Primary account holder’s request (refer CreateSecondaryCard API). This can also be a physical or virtual card. The Secondary card may have the same rights as the primary card. The Primary cardholder can control all attributes and account accessibility for the secondary cardholder.
  3. Virtual Card: This card can be created without physical plastic on an account holder’s request, for a predefined use limit. Depending on the requirement, you can setup the attributes of the virtual card using CoreCard API (refer CreateVirtualCard API).